Community Outreach: mission & history

The mission of ICF-MD Community Outreach efforts is to promote social good and positive community change in Maryland through the volunteer services of its members. We are grateful to all of our Chapter members and community members who have helped us live into this mission. Our specific goals are to:

  • Develop pathways for coaches to volunteer professional coaching and related services to Marylanders who could benefit the most and afford it the least.

  • Create opportunities for Maryland Chapter members to develop and leverage their skills while giving back to the community.

  • Raise awareness of the benefits and value of professional coaching throughout the state.

The ICF-MD Outreach effort began in 2016 under the leadership of Janet Ladd, a longtime chapter member, and former Board member. With the goal of starting small but impacting big, Janet and the team spent months researching needs within Maryland and established a partnership with Turnaround Tuesday (TAT), a second-chance jobs movement sponsored by Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development (BUILD). The TAT engagement immediately enabled the Outreach team to live into the Outreach mission by providing pro-bono coaching services to TAT participants.

Since 2016, Outreach efforts have continued to grow and are a key aspect of the value ICF-MD provides to both its chapter members and the broader Maryland community. Our members have generously shared their passion, time, and talent – and collectively hundreds of pro-bono hours - in support of the Community Outreach mission. These volunteers are what make the Outreach efforts so special!

Community Outreach Formal Programs

Turnaround Tuesday

Our chapter continues to be involved in the meaningful Turnaround Tuesday (TAT) movement. Pro-bono coaches connect with TAT participants who have secured employment, and they offer support in a wide range of areas including goal-setting, interpersonal relationships, work/life integration, and leveraging their strengths. To learn more about TAT, please visit the website and watch this video.


ICF-MD is one of many chapters throughout the world participating in the ICF Foundation’s Ignite movement. Through pro-bono coaching projects, the collective chapters are working to ignite humanity and spark a global impact, all in support of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Nearly 30 coaches have supported our Chapter’s Ignite partnerships with The Arc Maryland, and Easterseals DC/MD/VA by offering pro-bono coaching to leaders affiliated with each organization. Please visit this website to learn more about Ignite.

Get Involved! Community Outreach Volunteer Opportunities

There are numerous ways to get involved in our Outreach efforts! Read on to learn more.

Volunteer coach: Ignite

Ignite volunteer coaches work with leaders in Maryland-based organizations with whom our Chapter has an agreement and whose mission supports at least one of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Interested volunteers must:

  • Hold a current ICF credential (ACC, PCC or MCC)

  • Connect with Angie Dabbs via phone to explore possibilities

  • Be willing to commit to 10 coaching sessions within six months (or whichever comes first); the length of each session will be determined by coach and client and is not expected to exceed 60 minutes

  • Complete a simple tracking form, documenting coaching sessions

  • Participate in one possible kick-off meeting and or debriefing-meeting with fellow coaches

  • Complete a Volunteer Coaching Services Agreement and Code of Ethics Document

Ready to learn more? Contact Angie Dabbs, ICF-MD’s Director of Community Outreach.

Volunteer coach: Turnaround Tuesday (TAT)

TAT volunteer coaches work with Baltimore-area individuals who are re-entering the workforce. Interested volunteers must have completed an accredited coach training program and be willing to:

  • Connect with Janet Ladd via phone to explore possibilities

  • Attend at least two TAT sessions

  • Meet with TAT staff

  • Complete a simple tracking form, documenting coaching sessions

  • Complete a Volunteer Coaching Services Agreement and Code of Ethics Document

Ready to learn more? Contact Janet Ladd, former ICF-MD Board Member, and TAT guru.

Programs volunteer

If volunteer coaching isn’t right for you right now, please consider volunteering to support our pro-bono programs. From thought-partnership to administrative support to survey design/analysis to communications, there are abundant opportunities to bring forward your strengths in support of our Outreach efforts. Ready to explore what’s possible? Please contact Angie Dabbs, ICF-MD’s Director of Community Outreach.

Commitment to Ethics and Excellence

ICF is committed to maintaining and promoting excellence in coaching and adhering to sound ethical principles as we interface with the community during outreach initiatives. As such, all volunteers will be asked to sign a Code of Ethics Document and Volunteer Coaching Services Agreement before engaging in volunteer activities. Please contact Angie Dabbs, ICF-MD’s Director of Community Outreach, to inquire about these materials.