July 2020

Message From The President

Lori RaggioDonna Jones Daley, Esq. ACC, BCC

The Possibilities of Summer:
Rediscovering Joys in a Crisis

Our “new normal.” It has been almost four months since we began to feel the weight of change due to events surrounding COVID19 and social unrest. If you are like my family and me, you have developed new routines for nearly every aspect of your life. How we shop, connect, and work seems to have dramatically transformed. These events, like it or not, continue to impact us. Even how we celebrate the dog days of Summer 2020 feels noticeably different.

In years past, summer months meant enjoying the sun, sand, and testing recipes to make the perfect sangria – fruity, but not too sweet. Even the music I played during this time of year reflected a certain lightness. DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’ Summertime became the theme song for unwinding. It is as if in these “easy breezy” moments, my energy was renewed!

Over the years, I believed that whatever I experienced earlier in the year, summer would allow me time to pause and reflect, re-energize, and course correct. No matter how cold and icy the winter or rainy the spring, summer screamed possibilities! But this summer is testing my long-held beliefs. It would be easy to capitulate to our current circumstances and allow crises to steal our summer joy. But should we? Your ICF Maryland Chapter leadership has responded to this question with an “absolutely not!”

On behalf of your Board of Directors, I am excited to share with you two initiatives that we will be focusing on over the next several months. In late June, we held the first session of our “Brand Refresh” Retreat. The purpose of our virtual retreat was to gain insights from past leadership, our current Board, and Committee members on how to strategically shape our “service-centric” growth blueprint for the Chapter going forward. Facilitated by Mary Ellen Whitmore, past president, the retreat provided space for Board members to reflect on how we want to creatively shape our Chapter’s brand, as we navigate through today’s crises.

Building upon member-wide survey data received, the Board focused on exploring three key branding questions: 1) What word/phrase best describes our Chapter? 2) What makes our Chapter unique/distinguishable from other local ICF Chapters? 3) What is our Chapter’s value proposition that members/guests can expect to receive when participating in Chapter activities? Thanks to all of you who provided survey responses. Also, we appreciate Board members, who shared their thoughtful perspectives during our retreat conversation. Your energy around our branding discussion was contagious.

Over the next several weeks, we will be reviewing Board member comments and scheduling Session 2 of our “Brand Refresh’ Retreat. In Session 2, we plan to do a deeper dive into synthesizing our branding data. We will identify initiatives we will want to pursue as we move forward in implementing our “brand-in-action” service strategy. We anticipate that our branding activities will be both progressive (activities to occur over months, not weeks) and instructive, as we use this information to guide our ongoing Board decisions. Stay tuned to hear more about our “Brand Refresh” findings.

Our second initiative this summer involves preparation for our Chapter’s 10th Anniversary celebration on November 18th. Planning for this virtual event is in full swing. Our Special Events Committee is scheduling our keynote speaker and designing content for engaging breakout sessions. Continue to watch this space for more details on our member-focused event activities, award recognitions, spotlight on our pro bono coaching successes, and ICF swag give-a-ways.

As you plan activities this summer, we hope that you pause and reflect on all the possibilities that are available to make memories with family and friends and, most importantly, reclaim your joy! And in the words of Fresh Prince “Summertime. Time to sit back and unwind!”

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We’re All in This Together

An Interim Adjustment to Program Pricing

By the ICF Maryland Board of Directors

Connect, Learn, Promote – Our Commitment to Service

During the past few months, we have all experienced a lot of change in our lives. At ICF Maryland, we are listening to you, our members through conversations, feedback, and our most recent effort, a membership survey. We want you to know we heard you.

In an effort to better meet your coaching needs and to make our professional development program topics, both relevant and accessible, we have taken action. Effective September 1, 2020, we will be revising our program pricing structure

We are pleased to announce a special rate change for our core competency and resource development offerings beginning September 1 through December 2020. (Please see Special Pricing Chart Below)

We have an exciting line-up planned during the next few months and want to make it easier for you to join us. We hope that you will find value and take advantage of our outstanding presenters and programs at a registration fee that fits within your budget for obtaining credentialed hours.

Thank you for being a part of ICF Maryland. As we continue to look for ways to serve you, please know that we value and appreciate your work, membership, and friendship.

Effective September 1st, the price of
Professional and Business Development Programs
will be reduced through the end of the year.*

Professional Development will drop from $30 to $20

Business Development will drop from $20 to $15

*At the end of the year, the Board will re-evaluate the pricing for 2021.

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Upcoming Events

What’s Around the Corner...Check Out Our

The following are a few of the exciting webinars/events to look forward to in the coming months. More details will be posted to the website.




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An Interview with Joy Goldman

by Peter Costa

What was your background before becoming a professional coach?

I started as a nurse, specializing in behavioral health. It was a tough job, but I loved it. Over 16 years, I worked my way up in the nursing administration and leadership and organizational development roles, first near Boston and then here in Maryland. It’s been a great background to draw on in my practice.

What motivated you to become an executive coach?

At one point in my career, I became very unhappy with my manager, so I hired a personal coach (who is still a close friend). She not only helped me to work through that issue, but she also opened my eyes to moving toward what I wanted to create, instead of running away from what I didn’t want. I realized my “joy” was partnering with individuals and teams in finding fulfillment in their roles and their work.

I was fortunate enough to have an amazing boss at St. Joseph Medical Center (who is now serving on the Programs Committee for ICF Maryland), who supported my attending Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Program in 2008. Knowing that I wanted to continue to work in healthcare, I also attended the Physician Coaching Institute to obtain certification in coaching physicians and physician leaders. In 2011, I established my practice and left the corporate world.

What do you enjoy most about coaching?

Primarily it’s the interaction and intimacy with people- the ability to walk alongside them on their journey.  

I also appreciate that coaching is both a science and an art. As someone who's been accused of being a “perpetual learner,” I love to keep expanding my base of knowledge, with a special focus on neuroscience, attachment theory, vertical development, and non-verbal approaches to transformation. At the same time, I enjoy the creative process, and integrate narrative-coaching-based retreats; Shake Your Soul: Yoga Dance®, and Social Presencing Theater as I work with clients.

What are some highlights of your coaching career?

When I was President of this ICF chapter, I was fortunate enough to go to the ICF Global Leadership Forum in Warsaw, Poland. It was amazing to work with and get to know coaches from all over the world!

Right now, I’m excited about a startup I’m helping to launch - SixSeed Partners, LLC. Our mission is to provide integrated solutions to heal healthcare. Through this leadership ecosystem's capacitation model, we’re exposing leaders to the concept of polarities or interdependent tensions.  Different from problem-solving with a right/wrong answer, polarity thinking helps leaders to deal with volatile, complex, and ambiguous challenges.

How are you supporting your clients during the pandemic?

Many of my clients are health care providers, and some have been working for over three months, with no days off. I’m emphasizing the need for them to take care of themselves as they take care of others. I’ve integrated “walk and talk” coaching sessions to encourage my clients to get outside, get exercise, and create mindful moments in nature.

I’ve also been doing significant pro bono work, including with a Pediatric Integrated Health Network, helping their leaders with employee engagement, communications, and dealing with the anxiety that is pervasive right now.

Do you have any advice for coaches as our nation grapples with the aftermath of George Floyd’s death and the broader social issues it has highlighted?  

This time calls on us as coaches to do our development work. We must do the courageous work of noticing how we are contributing to disparities in health and social justice. How do we take a stand while also meeting our clients where they are? How do we expand perspectives by acknowledging very real values and fears? Our profession is uniquely suited to creating safe places where vulnerable, and sometimes painful conversations can occur. It’s our job to push the edges in service to healing the trauma that is pervasive in our current world.

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Community Outreach Efforts

by Angie Dabbs, Director Community Outreach

In early May, ICF-MD - in collaboration with Easterseals DC MD VA - launched our second Ignite program! Through pro bono coaching projects, the Ignite Initiative uses the collective power of ICF Chapters, Members, and Credential holders to accelerate the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. We are grateful for the interest and outpouring of support from coaches near and far when we asked for your participation, and we are pleased to have matched all 15 Easterseals participants with passionate, experienced coaches. During the Ignite interview process, every coach expressed a desire to share the gift of coaching, particularly as our world struggles in so many ways. And the gift is well-received, as evidenced by comments some of the participants have shared with us already, such as: "Thank you so much for placing me with my coach. We are a great match! He is conversational and learned, and he has helped me create a plan." Our coaches are equally enthusiastic about their engagements, with one writing, "My coachee is a delight and one truly lovely human being."

Our entire chapter thanks all coaches who expressed interest in the Ignite movement, and we are especially grateful to the following who are engaging with an Ignite coachee:

  • Anne Crawford

  • Beth Van Story

  • Chris Holmes

  • Faith Halter

  • Gail Boone

  • Janet Palmer

  • Kathy Baske Young

  • Larisa Harrington

  • Ray Charles

  • Rayna Schroeder>

  • Sara Rutsetin

  • Scott Masciarelli

  • Sherry Lieken

  • Tina Jasion

  • Tina Mertel

If you have any questions about our chapter's probono outreach efforts, please contact Angie Dabbs at [email protected].

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Resilience in Times of Turbulence

by Patricia Hinton Walker, PhD, RN, FAAN, MCC, NBC-HWC & SEI

Patricia Hinton Walker, formerly the director of ICF Maryland’s Professional Development Committee, has published an article in the Journal of Health and Human Experience. As COVID continues to change our lives in so many ways, this article discusses resilience and the well-being and survival for caring professionals. Pat’s article is titled, “Resilience: A Necessary Requirement for Health, Well-Being, and Survival for Caring Professionals.”

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International Coach Federation COVID-19 Resources

ICF offers a host of resources for coaches during these challenging times of COVID-19. To learn more, click here.

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