August 2019

Message From The President

Mary Ellen Waltemire, PCCRayna Schroeder, PCC

We Want to Hear From You!!!

The ICF MD chapter is interested in hearing from you. We have several ways for you to share your thoughts with us including surveys, calls, coffee connections, and planning for next year. Each of these opportunities is covered in greater detail below.

ICF Global Survey on Coaching and the MD 100 Club

ICF Global is working with PricewaterhouseCoopers on a global survey of coaching. You have likely received a link to the survey. We are particularly interested in your participation in the survey as we want to be part of the “100 club.” When an ICF chapter has a minimum of 100 people in their chapter participate in the survey, they become part of the “100 club” and it means the chapter is entitled to a special data cut based on their chapter’s responses. As of this publication, we were 20 surveys short of reaching the “100 club” level. Please help us reach our goal by completing the ICF Global survey!

For more information or to receive a link to the survey, please contact us at [email protected].

Zoom Call with the President on September 24th from 7-8:30 pm

On September 24th from 7-8:30 pm, I will be hosting a Zoom call for members. This is an opportunity to share your thoughts about what you appreciate about the chapter, what you would like more of, have your questions answered, and learn about what’s coming up for the rest of the year and plans for next year. I hope you can join me. For more information go to Conversation with the President.

Local Coaching Coffee Connections – in Annapolis and Columbia on October 23rd and in Frederick on October 24th

We have partnered with the ICF DC chapter this year by participating in quarterly coffee events throughout the state. The Frederick, Annapolis, and Columbia areas offer morning coffee events for coaches local to the area. These are a great opportunity to meet and connect with fellow coaches and chapter leaders. If you’re planning to attend the Annapolis or Frederick events in October, I look forward to seeing you then.

Click here, for more information and to RSVP for these free events.

ICF MD 10-Year Anniversary Celebration Next Year

In 2020, the ICF Maryland chapter will be celebrating our 10-year anniversary. Now is the time to begin thinking about what the celebration might include and we would like your help. What could the celebration look like? How can we look back and look forward in a meaningful way? How can we hear from and involve our members? How might you like to get involved?

We very much look forward to your involvement and hearing from you.  Please share your ideas and interest with us at [email protected].


Rayna Schroeder, PCC
2019 ICF-Maryland Chapter President
[email protected]

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Want to be Part of a Winning Team?

We’d Love to Have You Join Us!!!

Mary Ellen Waltemire
ICF- Maryland Chapter Past President
Nomination Committee Chair

The Nomination Committee for the ICF Maryland Charter Chapter is looking for volunteers to fill roles ranging from Committee Members to Board Positions!

Some thoughts to ponder…

  • How might you contribute to the legacy of the ICF-Maryland Charter Chapter?

  • What skills do you have that can be shared with other coaches?

  • Are you interested in working with active, engaged coaches?

  • Would you like to enhance your leadership skills?

This is the right time of year to consider your active involvement in the ICF-

Maryland Charter Chapter. Like most professional and volunteer organizations we rely on the skills and expertise of our members to move us forward. In the past ten years and since our inception as a Chapter in 2010, we’ve been fortunate to have lots of amazingly passionate leaders who have filled a variety of roles, ranging from committee member to President.

And yes we want YOU… we’re looking for committee members and vice directors of our five standing committees to include: Community Outreach, Communications, Professional Development, Membership, and Finance. Some examples of volunteer opportunities are provided below by Committee. Additionally, we are actively searching for candidates for elected positions of President-Elect and Chapter Board Secretary for 2020 as well as the Nomination Committee, which assembles the election roster.

Please contact me at 301.991.4142 to let me know of your interest in a leadership or committee role with the ICF Maryland Chapter. Please reach out now to volunteer for the position of your choice! I’ll look forward to receiving lots of calls, emails, and texts to discuss possibilities.

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ICF Maryland Opportunities

I CAN...

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Choose Which Pro Bono Outreach Program is the Best Fit for You!

Angie Dabbs,
Community Outreach Chair

To learn more visit!

Turnaround Tuesday

The Arc of Maryland

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Want to Make Connections and Learn from Others?

Get Involved – I’m Glad I Did!!!

Wanda J. Campbell, Ph.D., PCC, Newsletter Editor

In January of 2016, I joined ICF Maryland. At that time, I didn’t know anyone and I was still relatively new to coaching. So when someone approached me about serving on one of the Chapter’s committees, I readily agreed. This turned out to be an excellent decision. I previously had been a Newsletter Editor for another professional organization, so taking on this role was a good fit.

Right from the start I was welcomed into the group. Before long, I had made friends with my colleagues on the committee and had people to sit with at ICF Maryland events. Then we began talking outside of our meetings and events. I now had a supportive community of people with whom I can discuss challenges and share ideas.

My closest coaching friends have been made through ICF Maryland. I’ve learned a lot, and hopefully, have been able to help others as well.

Getting involved does not have to be a major commitment. The Chapter has many small ways to “dip your toe in the water.” What skills do you have that you would like to share? What do you like to do? What would you like to learn?

You don’t need to wait to be asked to participate. Approach any of the members on the Board or Committees. We can connect in person or by email. Together we can find something that matches your interests.

Want to learn more about the committees? Click here to Learn More.

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2019 ICF Global Coaching Survey

Why Should You Respond to the Survey?

  • Your answers will help the leaders of ICF-MD be responsive to your needs.

  • The data collected is considered by ICF Global in arriving at decisions and allocating resources.

  • The report will provide findings that can be incorporated into presentations and marketing materials.

Click HERE to take the survey now!

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Core Strength Training

Not That Kind of Core Strength!!!

We’re talking about A Coaching Core Competencies Series!!!

Professional Development Community of Practice Presents…
Core Strength: Take Your Coaching to the Next Level: A Coaching Core Competencies Series
Presented by Sue McLeod, PCC

Tuesdays • 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
September 17th, October 1st, October 15th & October 29th
Zoom Webinar 

Do you ever feel your coaching could be stronger, more balanced, or more agile? If so, a great place to start is to strengthen your Core Competencies!  A weak core leads to instability and falls; a strong core powers every coaching move we make. 

This Webinar series is for any seasoned or newer coach who wants to… 
  • Better understand how the ICF Coaching Competencies support client-centered learning

  • Become bolder and more confident in the use of coaching models, skills and tools

  • Acquire new coaching questions and techniques in each of the 11 Core Competencies

  • Gain a clear picture of the expectations for PCC Level coaching.

Activate your Core on September 17th!

Sue McLeod, PCC, has over 10 years of experience as an executive coach, coach instructor, mentor coach, and assessor. She holds a PCC from the International Coach Federation and CPCC from the Coaches Training Institute. Sue is a faculty member for Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Certificate Program and is a PCC assessor for the ICF.


$35.00 ICF Maryland Member - 1st Session (September 17th)
$35.00 ICF Global Member - 1st Session (September 17th)
$45.00 Non-Member / Guest - 1st Session (September 17th)
$100.00 ICF Maryland Member - 3-Session Webinar Series (October 1st, 15th & 29th)
$100.00 ICF Global Member - 3-Session Webinar Series (October 1st, 15th & 29th)
$125.00 Non-Member / Guest - 3-Session Webinar Series (October 1st, 15th & 29th)

Activate your Core on September 17th!

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What's Your “Coaching Business TQ?”

By Donna Jones Daley, Esq., ACC, BCC

I am fascinated in learning how successful entrepreneurs think about the future of their industry, and ways to expand and service their customer base. I recently came across business articles on the achievements of Stitch Fix CEO Katrina Lake. Her business approach resonated with me. 

Stitch Fix, as you may recall from television ads, is an online personal styling service (women, men, and kids wear). After taking the company public in 2017, Lake, at age 34, became the youngest female founder to ever lead an initial public offering (IPO). The IPO was valued at $1.6 billion.  

At this point, you may be asking “why is she sharing this information?” Does she want me to enjoy working with a personal stylist, who will recommend to me a pair of perfectly-fitted jeans?  

Well, you could go for the shopping experience. But, I’m thinking that buying another pair of jeans (no matter how perfect the fit) won’t move the needle in helping you to run a successful coaching practice.

As Chair of our Chapter’s Business Development Committee, we want to share with you business insights that will support you in building a phenomenal coaching business. We, therefore, want to ask, what can we learn from CEO Lake? 

In assessing the future of Stitch Fix, Lake noted that, “the thing that is special about Stitch Fix is absolutely in our technology, in our personalization capabilities.” The company infuses technology in, every aspect of its operation – from generating precise data on clothing offered to customers to assembling multiple articles in the Stitch Fix customer box. Every effort is made to automate and personalize the customer experience.

I began to think. What if we, as coaches, began identifying ways to integrate technology (i.e., applications, software, social media best practices) and personalization into all aspects of our business?

What if we decided to adopt a “Coaching Business Technology Quotient (TQ)” mindset to enhance our business operations and client experiences? 

To support embracing this mindset, Coaching Business TQ is defined as the ability to identify relevant software/application/technologies that, when consistently used, would increase our ability to deliver customized coaching services to our clients, while also efficiently operating our businesses.

To get you excited about growing your Coaching Business TQ, a list of technology tools is provided. Go on. Try it. Take one of the tools out for a “test drive.” What are the business possibilities?

Blue Print for Your Business

Gmail Management

Market Research

  • Survey Monkey (Free). Want to obtain data on how potential clients describe their professional/personal challenges? If so, a survey tool can provide you with insights/feedback.

Microsoft Office

  • Mega Microsoft Office 2019 Course Bundle ($39). Need to better keep track of your coaching hours or produce a polished PowerPoint presentation? The Course Bundle features 11 Microsoft Office courses, including Microsoft Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel. There are over 750 modules of training, 450 videos, and 250 downloadable exercises to help you learn Microsoft Office programs.

Fax and Scan

Social Media Management

  • Buffer. (Limited Free Plan). App allows you to manage your social media activities by conveniently scheduling social media updates at your convenience.

  • Later. (Free). App is designed as a scheduling tool for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Perfect for Insta users, who can visually map out their brand stories.

Time Management

  • Rescue Time (Free). Want to better identify how you spend your time?  This time management and productivity tracker can be downloaded on your mobile and desktop devices.

Meeting and Scheduling Software


  • Dropbox (Free). Organize your online files so that you can have easy cloud access to share your documents, photos, and videos.

What’s your experience when using these tools? Feel free to share with our coaching community.

Disclosure. Products identified above are for informational purposes. Neither the ICF Chapter Maryland, its officers, or members endorse any of the above-products listed.

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Conversation with the President

Join ICF Maryland President, Rayna Schroeder, on Wednesday evening, September 24th from 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM for a conversation via Zoom. Share what you appreciate about the chapter, what you would like more of, have your questions answered and hear about programs for the remainder of the year and brainstorm ideas for our 10-year anniversary celebration beginning in 2020.


$0.00 ICF Maryland Member
$0.00 ICF Global Member
$0.00 Non-Member / Guest

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Upcoming Events

Professional Development Community of Practice presents...
Core Strength: Take Your Coaching to the Next Level
A Coaching Core Competencies Series

Tuesdays, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
September 17, October 1, October 15 & October 29
1.50 CCEU in Core Competencies per Session
Zoom Webinar

Conversation with the President
Rayna Schroeder, PCC

Tuesday, September 24th – 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM
1.50 CCEU in Resource Development per Session
Zoom Webinar

Columbia ICF Coaches Coffee
Bagels and Grinds • Hanover, MD

Wednesday, October 23th – 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM

RSVP: Raquel Cosden at [email protected]

Annapolis ICF Coaches Coffee
Bean Rush Cafe • Annapolis, MD

Wednesday, October 23th – 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM

RSVP: Raquel Cosden at [email protected]

Frederick Coaches Coffee
The Common Market • Frederick, MD

Friday, October 25th – 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM
Loving the Challenge: Why Challenges are a Good Thing and How to Deal with Them

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