September 2020

Message From The President

Lori RaggioDonna Jones Daley, Esq. ACC, BCC


After a recent hot and humid summer day, I welcomed thoughts of Fall. Without much prompting, my mood changed. I visualized images fit for Pinterest - canopies of golden leaves, copper fire pits, and mugs of spiced apple cider. There’s something incredibly special about seasonal change, the autumn equinox. Reflecting on these thoughts, I imagined what better time of year to celebrate our Chapter’s anniversary!

On behalf of your Board of Directors, you are invited to our virtual 10th Year Anniversary Chapter Celebration on Wednesday, November 18th from 2:30 pm – 6:00 pm. To ensure that you lock-in this event on your calendar, you should be receiving our Save the Date Invitation shortly.

The theme for our 10th Year Anniversary event is Celebrating Our Story: ICF Maryland Past, Present, Future. In honor of our anniversary, our Special Events Committee is in full-party planning mode. Our schedule of celebratory activities includes sharing highlights of significant milestones of our Chapter’s story in the early years, while also envisioning our Chapter’s promising future.

Our celebration kicks-off with a virtual reception, where you can informally connect with new and current Chapter members. Pete Costa and Lori Raggio will be our Master and Mistress of Ceremonies throughout the evening. They will also have fun ways for you to get highly coveted anniversary swag (think ICF coffee mugs, water bottles, and webcam covers).

We are honored that Magda Mook, ICF Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, will join us. In addition, our featured guest speaker will share with us the art and science of great storytelling, while our founding past presidents will share backstories of our Chapter in the early years.

Our celebration would not be complete without awards of appreciation and acknowledgments of prior board leadership. As we envision our Chapter for our next ten years and beyond, you can also look forward to sharing your story as you visualize your future-self in fun, interactive breakout sessions. Of course, no anniversary would be complete without celebratory toasts in gratitude for our Chapter’s rich past and for future possibilities!

We realize that we continue to navigate daily uncertainties of COVID19, economic, social, and political unrest. Such conditions may be considered less than ideal for a celebration. We have taken these factors into account in planning for our event.

Access to our 10th Year Anniversary Celebration is complimentary to all members, partners, and guests. In lieu of a registration fee, your contribution will be used to advance the mission of Turnaround Tuesday, a 501(c)3 organization that has received pro bono coaching services from our Chapter over the years.

Continue to check our Chapter’s website as we finalize our event plans for our celebration. We look forward to you joining us as we celebrate our past and envision future success!

10-Year Anniversary Celebration
Registration NOW OPEN!

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Save the Date!

10-Year Anniversary Celebration
Registration NOW OPEN!

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Professional Development Coaching for University Faculty

Would you like to coach university faculty? Need to accrue hours for international credentialing? This might be a great coaching opportunity for you! The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) is offering a new professional development coaching service for UMB faculty. We are looking for volunteer coaches who have completed their coaching training requirements (minimum of 60 hours) and who either need to accrue hours for their credentialing application or who would like to volunteer their coaching services. If this sounds like an opportunity you are interested in, please email Dr. Michelle Pearce at [email protected] directly for an application.

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Engaged Probono coaches make a difference in our communities!

The ICF-MD chapter remains committed to supporting pro-bono coaching efforts that promote positive change and social good in our communities. We are fortunate to have 20 passionate, talented coaches serving our two pro-bono engagements: Turnaround Tuesday (TAT) and Ignite with Easterseals DC/MD/VA.

In late July, our pro-bono coaches came together for a virtual connection event where they shared stories about their pro-bono engagements, highlighted their own growth as a result of these experiences, identified ways we can collectively serve our communities in the future, and discussed ways to stay connected with each other. By leveraging the best of Zoom, the gathering felt meaningful and rich even though we weren’t geographically co-located. One of the coaches said, “It feels really good to deepen my connection with fellow coaches and to be part of a community. We all need that right now.” Amid the increased risk of Covid-related isolation and disconnection, this gathering was a reminder of how important it is to reach out and create opportunities to engage with one another.

We continue to be grateful to everyone involved in TAT and Ignite. Through our volunteers’ generosity, we are able to offer the gift of coaching to Baltimore City community members returning to the workforce after a significantly difficult time in their lives as well as leaders at Easterseals DC/MD/VA who are working to serve veterans; individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities; and families. We applaud and appreciate our volunteers!

While TAT is an ongoing, long-term pro-bono engagement, Ignite is a six-month program that will end in November. To learn more about our pro-bono efforts, please check out [link to a page with info about both TAT and Ignite.

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ICF Maryland Invitation to Conversation

How Are You Discussing Diversity, Equity,
and Inclusion with Your Clients?

Wednesday, September 30, 2020
4:30 PM to 6:00 PM
Zoom Webinar

FREE to Attend

Conversation, connection, and community are fundamental to who we are as coaches. We invite you to join us in a meaningful and honest conversation exploring the question: How are you talking with your clients about diversity, equity, and inclusion?

Please join us on September 30th for a virtual conversation in ZOOM. We will share and explore questions around our own perspectives on diversity, equity, and inclusion and what we are hearing from our clients. How do we navigate these conversations with our clients? As coaches, what do we need to do in order to be better allies to people who are disenfranchised?

We look forward to seeing you on September 30th!

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2020 Member Survey Results - Thank You for Your Feedback

You shared, and we are listening. Recently, we rolled out a survey to all members to learn how you are coping with the changes brought to us by COVID-19. First, let me thank each of you who took the time to respond. Your input enables us to continue to offer courses, support, and networking to help you continue to grow your coaching career.

Your feedback enabled us to offer courses in July/August (Zoom, Resilience Leadership), and we continue to work to bring you more in 2020/2021. Below are the results, and we are excited to continue to provide you what you need to be successful in your coaching career.


Feedback was overwhelming in support of more virtual webinars, social events, and conferences. We are excited to offer our 2020 10th Anniversary conference virtually. As we navigate our new “virtual” office, it is important we have the tools and knowledge to do this effectively We offered a Zoom webinar and will work to include a LinkedIn offering and other similar webinars to support you.

Email and e-News are the preferred communications, and we continue to send out our Coaching Connections, Newsletter, and email reminders. Please continue to check your inbox for these important news channels.

Professional Development Opportunities

Our Professional Development team is hard at work, pulling together offerings in support of the interest areas you identified. The areas of interest include:

  • Navigating Business in Challenging Times - communicating with clients in challenging times

  • Virtual Technology - Zoom and LinkedIn

  • Business Development - Team Coaching, Neuroleadership

We will continue to keep you informed of offerings and appreciate and value your feedback.

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An Interview with Rayna Schroeder, PCC, Immediate Past President

By Pete Costa

What was your background before becoming a professional coach?

I first worked in the Department of Energy. At one point, they brought in outside consultants to help implement Total Quality Management (TQM), which included significant leadership development efforts. I thought that work was a lot more interesting than what I was doing, so I left to join the consultants. I then spent about 10 years in management consulting and organizational change.

What motivated you to become a coach?

I had become miserable at work - I told friends and family that I felt like my soul was dying every day I walked into the office. Leaders are supposed to make an environment attractive, but my managers had instead created a toxic work environment. On top of that, the organizational change work was a Sisyphean effort - the rock just kept sliding back.

I knew good leaders could change all of this and I wanted to help create better leaders. I discussed my concerns and beliefs with a mentor who suggested I try coaching. This was a new concept to me. My first reaction was “what does sports have to do with this?”

I quickly learned what coaching really was and how rewarding of a career it could be. I felt certification was really important. It was simply an integrity issue for me to become the best coach I could be for my clients. I enrolled in what is now Invite Change, an ICF accredited school where I took courses that helped me earn a PCC certification.

What do you enjoy most about coaching?

Because of my background, I am able to do extensive work in the intel community. These people have a great sense of mission and purpose, and helping them achieve it is deeply rewarding.

I also do a good amount of pro bono work through ICF. This includes the ICF Ignite program, whereby coaches with a minimum of ACC certification and three years experience coach leaders in top charitable organizations. Our Maryland chapter has chosen Easter Seals. The chapter also works with Turnaround Tuesday, a local program that provides coaching on life and job skills for chronically unemployed people in Baltimore. Supporting this program does not require any certifications, just a willingness to be of service. I highly recommend both of these programs. If anyone would like to learn more please contact the ICF Maryland Director of Outreach, Angie Dabbs by emailing [email protected].

What are some highlights of your coaching career?

In addition to the client work noted above, I’d definitely include my interaction with international members of the ICF. I was fortunate to attend the Global Leaders Forum in Dublin, Ireland in 2019 and was particularly impressed by the pro bono work some of our German colleagues were doing within their school systems. It was considered so effective that it was eventually fully funded.

How are you supporting your clients during the pandemic?

In late 2019, I set up a seminar for March of this year on Positive Psychology, which is a conscious focus on what’s working and what’s right in with people and organizations. It really couldn’t have come at a better time as we all could really have used some positivity in March 2020.

I also borrowed an idea from a friend and sent out virtual care packages to my clients. It included things like 450 free online Ivy League course , free Mindfulness Meditations with Tara Brach, founder of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington and a virtual tour of the beautiful Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania

Anything Else?

Yes, there are some great upcoming events I want everyone to be aware of. Sept 30 from 4:30-6 PM, our chapter is holding An Invitation to Conversation - Exploring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This is a free event for all members.

Also, we’ll be holding a virtual celebration of the Chapter’s 10th anniversary from 2:30 - 6:00 pm on November 18. Invites to follow on both.

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Upcoming Events

What’s Around the Corner...Check Out Our

The following are a few of the exciting webinars/events to look forward to in the coming months. More details will be posted to the website.


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