March 26, 2019
11:00 AM to 12:30 PM
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Using Internal Family Systems for Coach and Client Transformation
Presenter: Guthrie Sayen, Ph.D., PCC

Dates and Times:
Tuesdays – 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM
March 26 • April 9 • April 23 • May 7 • May 21
Zoom Webinar

Registration Fees:
$195 – ICF Maryland and Global Members (Early Bird by March 8, 2019)
$220 – Non-Members (Early Bird by March 8, 2019)
$245 – ICF Maryland and Global Members (Register after March 8, 2019)
$270 – Non-Members(Register after March 8, 2019)

5 CCEUs in Core Competencies
2.5 CCEUs in Resource Development

The Internal Family Systems model is three things: a map of the psyche, a method of working with the psyche, and a way of life that transforms both coach and client. Coaches can use IFS, first, to tap their own calm, confident, and creative core and, then, help clients tap the same resource within themselves. This creates a virtuous cycle of deepening awareness and wise action.

IFS is based on four key ideas:

  1. The human mind is naturally multiple. We all have parts or subpersonalities, and some of these parts, like the ones that criticize us, have taken on extreme roles that cause pain and suffering.

  2. All parts are good. No matter how dysfunctional a part may appear, it has a positive intent. Coaches can learn to befriend problematic parts and help clients open space for access to their creative, compassionate, and wise core. In other words, what appears to be in the way is the way.

  3. We are all Self. Self is the calm, confident, creative, and wise core of every human being; it is what every major spiritual tradition seeks to access through meditation, worship, chanting, and other methods. Self is, in fact, easier to access than commonly thought. When parts—the subpersonalities that run our lives—step back, we gain access to Self, our awake, aware, and knowing essence.

  4. The goal of all coaching is Self-leadership. In other words, the goal of every coaching relationship is accessing and living from Self. That is why this course is called “Coaching for Self Leadership.”

Coaching for Self-Leadership is a series of five webinars that will introduce the IFS model and teach you how to use it for your benefit and for your clients’ benefit. The classes will include presentations of new material, demonstrations, and periods of question and answer. Handouts that capture class content will be posted after every webinar, and participants will be given a practice partner from the class. You will also receive recommendations for further study and development.

The five 90-minute webinars will meet every other Tuesday at 11:00 am Eastern Time (US) on the following schedule:

March 26 The Map (1 CCEU in Core Competencies and 0.50 CCEU in Resource Development)

  • You will learn a simple coaching map that incorporates core ideas of the IFS paradigm. This map will orient you in the coaching session and provide you with a North Star for every session you have.

  • We will review the agreements for creating a safe and courageous learning environment.

April 9 The First Four Tenets (1 CCEU in Core Competencies and 0.50 CCEU in Resource Development)

  • You will develop an in-depth understanding of the first four axioms of Coaching for Self Leadership. When you incorporate these axioms into your coach’s operating system, you will naturally access your native calm, clarity, and confidence.

  • You will get your first deep look at the parts that drive our behavior and our clients’ behavior.

  • We will end with a short demo.

April 23 Protectors: The Workhorses of the Inner Realm (1 CCEU in Core Competencies and 0.50 CCEU in Resource Development)

  • You will get a deeper look at one class of parts, called protectors.

  • We will have a long demo with debrief.

May 7 Exiles: The Keys to Self Leadership (1 CCEU in Core Competencies and 0.50 CCEU in Resource Development)

  • You will learn about the fifth axiom, the role of wounded child parts.

  • You will learn about the sixth axiom, how parts relate to each other.

  • We will end with a short demo.

May 21 A Long Demo with Q&A (1 CCEU in Core Competencies and 0.50 CCEU in Resource Development)

  • You will observe a full-length Coaching for Self-Leadership session

  • You will participate in a detailed debrief.

Our Presenter

Guthrie Sayen, Ph.D., PCC, created and leads the ICF-accredited coach training program at The Graduate Institute; he has created multiple advanced coaching courses for Leadership That Works, an ICF-accredited coaching school; and he has trained coaches for the True Purpose Institute. In his private practice, Guthrie mentors coaches at all stages of their careers and works with wounded healers, helping them do for themselves what they are called to do for others. He also helps seekers come into the presence of the Divine, so that they can live their true purpose. For more information on Guthrie, to

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$245.00 ICF Maryland Member
$195.00 Earlybird rate before March 8

$245.00 ICF Global Member
$195.00 Earlybird rate before March 8

$270.00 Non-Member
$220.00 Earlybird rate before March 8