ICF Maryland Professional Membership Benefits

Some of the many benefits of being a member of the ICF Maryland chapter include:

  • networking opportunities with other coaches and speakers
  • educational events where you can earn CCEU credits
  • reduced fees for Chapter events
  • resource table for members to distribute promotional materials
  • professional recognition by peers and clients
  • partnership and collaboration opportunities with other coaches
  • informative bi-monthly newsletter
  • ability to connect via Facebook, Linked-In, and Twitter forums
  • sharing resources, ideas and information with a vibrant learning community
  • be a part of a warm, professional community of coaches.

Membership FAQs

What is the ICF?
The International Coach Federation is a nonprofit membership organization led by a member-elected Board of Directors that oversees the organization's affairs. Paid staff members follow the leadership's direction and carry out its day-to-day work. The purpose of global ICF is to create an attractive presence and credible voice for professional coaching, maintain a global standards system, build a high-performing organization, create global strategic alliance and create partnerships to grow ICF’s body of knowledge and advance standards Currently there are over 22,000 members of ICF from 125 countries throughout the world. You may read more about ICF at the ICF global website www.coachfederation.org.

How is ICF Maryland related to ICF Global?
Local ICF Chapters are available around the world and offer coaches regular occasions to meet face-to-face, attend programs, and get more involved with the ICF. ICF Maryland is a charter chapter of the ICF, which means it has a minimum of 50 members and must fulfill certain reporting requirements to global ICF.

Do I have to belong to ICF Global in order to join ICF Maryland?
Yes, global membership is required to be a member of our chapter, or any other local chapter.  To be a global member, you must pay the annual fee and meet one of the following requirements:

  • Have a credential (ACC, PCC, MCC).
  • Have 60 hours of coach specific training.
  • Be enrolled in approved ACTP or ACSTH training program and are due to complete at least 60 coach-training hours within 12 months of enrollment.

If you are not eligible to be a global member, you can join our Chapter as a partner. If you are eligible to join Global, but choose to not join, you are not eligible to become a partner.

What does it cost to join ICF Maryland, and how do I join?

Joining the Maryland ICF Chapter is easy and now its FREE.

  1. Join the International Coach Federation (ICF) at their regular membership rate.
  2. IMPORTANT: During the process of joining the ICF you will be invited to select a local chapter. At that point please select “ICF Maryland” as your local chapter. There are no additional chapter membership fees.

How do I get certified as a coach?
The ICF has specific requirements that include minimum number of hours of client coaching experience, completion of an accredited coach training program or other coach-specific training, and minimum skill requirements. There is also a fee, which ranges from $100 to $775, depending on the level of credential you qualify and apply for (ACC, PCC, or MCC). Note that ICF Global will be instituting new guidelines for credentialing effective April 1, 2014. In order to have the most current information about credentialing, please refer to the ICF Global page on Credentialing for details on requirements, cost, and how to apply for credentials.

Do you recommend any particular coaching schools?
There are a large number of ICF-approved coach training programs that can be searched on the ICF website (click here to search). Some programs are specifically geared toward certain modalities, populations groups and coaching niches. Because each person has unique desires and educational goals, we do not recommend any specific program, but do encourage people to find an ICF-accredited program to ensure the quality of the educational experience, and adherence to the ICF Code of Ethics and Core Competencies.

What kind of community is available to Maryland chapter members, and what is the best way to get involved and meet new colleagues and friends?
ICF Maryland Chapter is being intentional in developing a community for coaches to inspire, learn, serve and lead each other. We host a number of social networking events each year and participate in some joint networking and professional development activities with ICF Metro DC. Several affiliated groups of coaches in Western Maryland and the Eastern Shore have also begun holding social networking events in those localities as well. The best way to learn more is to come to our events. We’ll do our very best to make you feel welcome and encourage you to get involved at your comfort level.

Can you help me market my business?
Businesses are invited to advertise in our newsletter or even be a sponsor of one of our events, both of which would market and advertise your business. Additionally, the networking socials are wonderful opportunities to learn about other businesses and to share your information informally.

Where and when do you meet for Maryland chapter events?
The Rolling Road Golf Club in Catonsville, MD is home to many of our events because of its fine facility and convenient location. Some events are held at other locations to ensure that we provide equal convenience to members located in distant locals in Maryland. Currently, we hold meetings in centralized locations alternating between Columbia/Catonsville and central Anne Arundel County to try to maximize convenience for the largest number of participants.

Are there student memberships?
We have worked to minimize our costs to the point that it is not feasible to offer student memberships.

Can I come to events if I am not a member?
Absolutely. We encourage anyone interested in coaching or the particular topics to attend any of the public events. Note that the fee for an event is reduced for Chapter members; as a guest, registering early will allow you to pay the lowest possible fee for a non-member.

Code of Ethics

ICF has taken the lead in developing a definition and philosophy of coaching, as well as in establishing ethical standards among its members. Through its own Code of Ethics, Ethical Conduct Review Process, Program Complaint Process and Independent Review Board (IRB), ICF sets professional coaching standards while also giving consumers a venue to file ethics complaints about ICF members, ICF credential-holders or ICF-approved training programs.

All ICF members and ICF credentialed coaches pledge commitment and accountability to standards of professional conduct and to abide by the ICF Code of Ethics