Honoring International Coaching Week

Transforming Lives in Baltimore through Partnership

In honor of International Coaching Week, It is my great privilege to announce the release of our Community Outreach Committee’s Video: “Transforming lives in Baltimore through Partnership.” This video at the end of this article tells the story of our partnership with BUILD: Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development, and their Turnaround Tuesday (TAT) Movement. As Terrell Williams and Melvin Wilson discuss in the video, TAT is an “experiential evolution leading to the attainment of jobs and sustaining employment, where all people feel valued.”

Janet Ladd PCC, Director of our Community Outreach Committee, along with her volunteer coaches: Terry Della Veccchia ACC, Judi Grunwald ACC, Kiel Farley Quinn ACC, and George Casey ACC teach participants resume building, interviewing, and life skills. Through coaching and partnership, they are helping participants gain hope and confidence to secure and sustain meaningful employment.

I still remember the email Janet sent to me, sharing her dream of influencing significant positive change in our region through coaching. The idea surfaced during a time that Baltimore, like other major cities throughout the United States, were experiencing discord and unrest. Believing in the power of human connection, Janet had the conviction to “give voice” to this dream, and the universe responded.

We also couldn’t make this video without the work of our dedicated volunteer coaches. Terry, Kiel, Judy, Janet, and George. It is their partnership that is making a difference to the participants of TAT. As Melvin Wilson states in the video: “You are changing lives!” Those of you familiar with Ben Zander’s book: “The Art of Possibility” have heard the term, “shining eyes.” You can see someone's passion when their eyes shine. The video clearly shows many shining eyes!

I am often impressed that the most impactful leaders are those who are also the most humble. There is no attribution at the end of the video to Reel Image Media because Curt Ellis, owner and videographer, was adamant about our not including it. Curt selflessly dedicated his time and talent in the production of this video. From the time I was Curt’s manager at St. Joseph Medical Center, to now, Curt teaches me: he teaches me generosity of spirit; he teaches me kindness; he teaches me faith; and he teaches me about serving and caring for others. I am confident that there will be great ripples from this effort, and we could not have done it without Curt’s help.

Last, but in no way least, we could not tell this story if there were no story to tell. To Melvin Wilson, Terrell Williams, Cheryl Finney and so many others – those who lead Turnaround Tuesday and the community that supports them – much gratitude for their commitment to transforming lives. What a privilege it is to be in partnership with them.

I have three predictions of what will happen after you see this video:

  1. You will be emotionally impacted by this video in a very positive way.
  2. You'll want to proudly share this with those in your network (social media), as evidence of the tremendous contribution coaches (YOU) make in our world.
  3. You'll want to email Janet ([email protected]) to join the voluteer coach troupe at TAT!

We’d like to make that easy for you. All you need to do is use the share button from the video below and include the following text or a more authentic heartfelt message:

“As a member/fan of the ICF Maryland Chapter, I want to share with you a video demonstrating the powerful impact coaching is making in Baltimore. It will take a few minutes of your time, but will stay in your heart for much longer. Please join me in celebrating this great work.”

As the 2017 ICF Maryland Chapter President, and on behalf of my amazing board, please accept our heartfelt thanks for all YOU do to positively impact the lives of those with whom you work. YOU make a difference!

Joy Goldman, PCC