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Communication Team purpose statement: to serve the needs of our members; our board; and our community. By using our own unique talents and abilities we:

  • Provide our members with timely notification of professional development activities to enhance their growth and contributions to our profession
  • Provide a venue for building our coaching community through sharing news; learning about each other; and engaging in vibrant, stimulating discussions
  • Create and expand awareness in our local communities about the benefits of coaching and how we may help them meet their leadership and wellness goals
  • Provide our board with dynamic tools that do justice to our work and our profession


The Professional Development Committee (PDC) is the heart of the MD-ICF. We plan and develop educational programs that refresh and expand our members coaching expertise, fulfill their ICF certification requirements, and build their business savvy. We search for creative ways to engage our members in professional development and use large group, small group, and technology-based formats to bring content to participants.

Team members bring their creative and administrative skills to committee work in the planning, design, and execution of our events. Most of our work occurs behind the scenes as we anticipate needs, search for expert presenters, and plan the events with them, but on occasion, you just might catch a committee member facilitating an event as well.

We are always eager to welcome new committee members and embrace what they have to offer. If you are interested in learning how you can contribute please contact directly the current Director of PDC


The membership team welcomes new members into our chapter and helps to get them involved in coaching activities to promote professional coaching growth. New members are encouraged to participate in chapter activities that give back to the community thru pro bona speed coaching and other events. One of our key activities are bimonthly networking socials with other coaches. The socials are opportunities for new coaches and seasoned coaches to gather over breakfast or dinner and share best practices, give their elevator pitches or find opportunities to partner with other coaches on coaching engagements.

The membership team networks with other east coast chapters from Canada to North Carolina to enhance a positive membership value proposition. We review best practices and creative membership opportunities.


The mission of the Community Outreach Committee is to promote social good and positive community change in Maryland through the volunteer services of its members. Please click here to read more about our outreach opportunities and become involved.

Peer Coaching Offered Through the Maryland Chapter of the ICF

by Chris Holmes, PCC, Past President

The purpose of this offer of "Peer coaching" is to encourage and assist persons associated with the Maryland Chapter, ICF in the goal of completion of ICF certification. It is for persons either beginning the process or in the midst of the process to become a coach. This is our effort as a chapter to do all we can to coach forward those persons who are not yet certified by the ICF.

  • Two coaching sessions will be offered to persons who are starting or perusing the completion of their ICF credentialing.
  • There will be no charge for the two sessions. These sessions will be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time by the two parties.
  • This is one of the benefits of belonging to our local chapter, so participants receiving this coaching should be members of the Maryland Chapter.
  • The coaching provided is "Peer coaching". These two calls are not the same as "Mentor Coaching" as understood by the ICF. "Mentor Coaching" as understood by the ICF is ten paid hours in which the participant is specifically coached on their coaching of clients. The purpose of this offer of "Peer coaching" is simply to encourage/design/strategize with persons who are on the path toward completion of the ICF certification.
  • Our coaches will refrain from recommending to participants being coached any specific coach training schools and/or mentor coaches. If anything we want to widen the scope of possibilities, rather than narrow them, and then help the persons being coached develop their own action plan toward completion with our encouragement and accountability.

Currently, five credentialed coaches are signed up to offer "peer coaching" services, and 15 persons have signed up to participate as clients. If you are interested in participating either as a coach or a client please send an email to [email protected].