Community Outreach Committee

The ICF-MD Outreach Program began in 2016 to broaden the chapter’s influence to include formal outreach efforts. With the goal of starting small but impacting big, we spent months researching needs within Maryland. We are thrilled to be partnering with Turnaround Tuesday (TAT), a second-chance jobs movement sponsored by Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development (BUILD). Through our partnership with TAT, we are realizing our outreach mission! 

MD-ICF Outreach Committee’s Mission:

The mission of ICF-MD Community Outreach is to promote social good and positive community change in Maryland through the volunteer services of its members. Our specific goals are to:

  1. Develop pathways for coaches to volunteer professional coaching and related services to Maryland constituents who could benefit the most and afford it the least.
  1. Create opportunities for Maryland Chapter members to develop and leverage their skills while giving back to the community.
  1. Raise awareness of the benefits and value of professional coaching throughout the state. 

Turnaround Tuesday’s (TAT) Mission:

Our partner organization’s mission is to train “returning” and unemployed citizens to reenter the workforce and develop public relationships to create safe, thriving communities.

In particular, TAT:

  • Provides a community for participants to get “ready to work.”

  • Shifts the hiring culture of Baltimore to employ returning citizens.

  • Trains participants as leaders to act on issues that change communities.

Please see our co-produced video here:

Volunteer Opportunities:

As the TAT movement evolves, there are a number of opportunities for ICF-MD coaches who are committed to making a difference.

  • Facilitation of small break-out group sessions during weekly TAT sessions.

  • Individual and group coaching of program participants and graduates in support of work readiness, job retention and development.

  • Facilitation of abbreviated workshops to help participants secure and maintain employment.

  • Resume preparation and interview skills.

  • Tutoring in basic math skills.

  • In general, supporting individuals as they find hope, overcome challenges, and attain their goals.

Volunteer Requirements:

We ask that interested individuals observe at least two TAT sessions and one Resource Day before participating in the opportunities described above as a volunteer. Please refer to the TAT Brochure (see link below) for the location and time, details for TAT trainings, and resource day opportunities. Please contact Angie Dabbs, Director - Community Outreach, to confirm your attendance and/or to learn more.

Interested in Learning More?

  • TAT Brochure – TAT’s brochure provides an overview of the TAT program and lists location and time, details for TAT trainings, and Resource Day opportunities. Please contact Angie Dabbs to confirm your attendance for a time/location that is convenient for you and/or to learn more.

  • Code of Ethics & Volunteer Coaching Services Agreement – ICF is committed to maintaining and promoting excellence in coaching and adhering to sound ethical principles as we interface with the community during outreach initiatives. As such, all volunteers will be asked to sign an Ethics Document and Volunteer Coaching Services Agreement before engaging in volunteer activities. Please contact Angie Dabbs to receive these materials.

Community Calendar

Confirmed volunteers: Please use this link to view the TAT schedule and to register to participate as a volunteer.

Pro Bono Log

Please enter the pro bono hours you provide in service to our chapter, profession, and community so that we can track the amount of time our chapter donates to official outreach and other volunteer efforts. Appropriate volunteer activities include the time you may spend:

  1. Supporting Turnaround Tuesday and other official ICF-MD Outreach Committee initiatives.
  2. Volunteering at Global or local ICF Chapter events (e.g., supporting registration).
  3. Participating on the ICF-MD Board or one of the chapter’s committees (Membership, Communications, Outreach, Professional Development, etc.).
  4. Contributions to our website, newsletter, or other publications/social media sites.
  5. Speaking at one of our professional development events.
  6. Personal coaching activities to which you volunteer time in support of social good or positive community change.

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