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Global Communities of Practice

AD/HD Community of Practice

Learn how ADHD Coaching assists clients in staying focused on goals, overcoming obstacles and addressing core ADHD-related issues such as procrastination, organization, self-esteem and more. Hear new information from amazing speakers. Ask questions and expand your thinking.

Leader(s): Chana Klein

Time: 3:00 PM ET
Date: 2nd or 3rd Wednesday. Go to event calendar
Bridge: 805-399-1000, Pin 997934#
Contact: [email protected]

Career Coaching Community of Practice

Assist clients in work-related areas, including finding career/job direction, life purpose, life/work balance, job search strategies and similar tasks. Support excellence in career coaching while supporting career coaches in building full practices.

Leader(s): Ms. Jane C Wytzka, MA, MBA, BCC and Susan Britton Whitcomb, PCC, CPCC, CCMC, MRW

Time: 2:00 PM ET
Date: 4 times per year. Go to event calendar
Bridge: 805-399-1200, code 170127 
Contact:[email protected], [email protected]

Coaching & Human Capital Community of Practice

Explore ways to integrate coaching as part of human resources. Discuss performance management process, training and development, and succession planning, as well as team coaching and new management assimilation programs.

Leader(s): Ed Rankin, SPHR

Time: 2:00 PM ET
Date: 4th Friday 
Bridge: Email CP leader for information
Contact: [email protected]

Coaching Educators Community of Practice

Learn more about coaching at schools and universities and how academics would greatly benefit from the services of professional coaches, from the classroom to the boardroom. These sessions are interactive and educational with frequent speakers.

Leader(s): Ms. Karla Reiss, M.S., CEC and Dr. Allan R Bonilla, Educator

Time: 6:00 PM ET
Date: 3rd Wednesday of each month
Bridge: 712-432-0075 PIN 260615# 
Contact:[email protected], [email protected]

Coaching Science Community of Practice

A community of individuals interested in evidence-based coach processes, the coaching body of knowledge, and research in the coaching world. Join topical discussions, hear guest speakers, and disseminate information about exciting developments in the science of coaching.

Leader(s): Leslie Hamilton, BA Psych, MEd, MBS Marketing and Management and Mr. Kent Mayo Blumberg

Time: 3:00 PM ET
Date: 2nd Thursday of each month
Bridge: Contact Leader for Webinar Info
Contact:[email protected], [email protected]

Conflict Management Coaching Community of Practice

Use principles of coaching to help clients develop constructive ways to address conflict in their personal and professional lives. Share best practices, explore new approaches in conflict coaching, and consider how coaches’ own conflict management skills may impact their coaching skills. Monthly teleconferences will include guest speakers and topic-focused discussions.

Leader(s): Janie Neff, CPCC and Ms. Cinnie E. Noble, PCC, C.M. B.S.W. LL.B.LL.M.

Time: 5 p.m. (ET)
Date: Last Tuesday of month except December
Bridge: 626-677-3000, PIN 496839
Contact:[email protected], [email protected]

Cultural Competency in Coaching Community of Practice

With the profession of coaching growing globally, cultural competence has become a key skill set for coaches. Network and learn from experts around the world to build your cultural competence as well as be a catalyst for deeper discussions in moving the topic forward. The monthly meetings allow members to join discussions with global experts, share resources and network to build coaching businesses. This CP uses a webinar platform. Please email the leaders for information on how to join.

Leader(s): Alexandra Barosa-Pereira, Msc., CPC and Mr. Jeffrey N. Cone

Time: 10 a.m. ET
Date: 2nd Wednesday of each month
Bridge: Email CP leaders for information
Contact:[email protected], [email protected]

Energy Work & Coaching Community of Practice

Strengthen and deepen your core competencies in areas of Coaching Presence, Active Listening, Powerful Questions and Direct Communication by learning how to work from the inside out. Move from proficiency as a coach to mastery using intuition/energy healing, mindfulness and somatic coaching. The Energy Work & Coaching CP supports coaches with a varied toolkit to broaden their marketing methods so they incorporate alternative healing, and holistic approaches in their coaching practice.

Leader(s): Ms. Rhona Post, MA MCC
Time: 11:00 AM ET
Date: 3rd Friday of each month
Bridge: 712.432.0926 Pin: 427724#
Contact: [email protected]

Ethics Community of Practice

Discuss how ethics impact the coaching profession from a local and global perspective. Reflect on ethical dilemmas and explore best practices. Monthly teleconferences will include a blend of guest speakers and topic-focused discussions. For audio only, join by phone: +1 (415) 762-9988 or +1 (646) 568-7788 US Toll Meeting ID: 492 735 912 International numbers available:

Leader(s): Dr. Michael Joseph Marx, MBA, EdD
Time: 11 a.m. ET
Date: Second Wednesday each month
Contact: [email protected]

Executive & Leadership Coaching Community of Practice

Advance the art, science and practice of executive & leadership coaching worldwide. Executive & leadership coaching demands well-developed coaching skills, a willingness to work with high-level decision-makers, & a portfolio of tools that will enhance & expand client experience. We are a community of global executive & leadership coaches who never stop learning how to coach at the top level of our profession. Join the ICF Executive and Leadership Coaching Community of Practice on LinkedIn.

Leader(s): Ms. Hsuan-Hua Chang, PCC and MBA and Christine Martin, MCC, MA, MBA, and Ms. Diane Lynn Cohen, MA, CTM, CPCC
Time: 11 AM ET
Date: 1st Thursday of each month
Bridge: Check LinkedIn Group
Contact:[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Internal Coaching Community of Practice

Foster the development and impact of internal coaching programs in business and organizations throughout the world. Share ideas, best practices and resources, and serve as an advocate for the interests of internal coaches. Email Leaders Heather Ramsey or Matt Becker to join the distribution list.

Leader(s): J. Matthew Becker, M.Ed, PCC and Heather L. Ramsey, C.P.C.C.
Time: 12:00 PM ET
Date: 4th Tuesday of each month (Jan - Oct) & 1st Tuesday of December
Bridge: 1-712-432-3066, 927999
Contact:[email protected], [email protected]

Japanese Speaking Coaches Community of Practice

Learn about effective introduction and coaching in small and medium-size enterprises in Japan. Japanese-speaking coaches can educate one another and learn from different coaching cultures.

Leader(s): Mr. Tensei Yoshida and Ms. Ayako Kunii, PCC
Time: 8 am ET
Date: 3rd Monday
Bridge: 1+212-457-9879, PIN 622186
Contact:[email protected], [email protected]

Nonprofit/NGO Community of Practice

Identify synergies and address issues tied to coaching nonprofit/non-governmental organization (NGO) clients and working in the nonprofit/NGO community. Discuss nonprofit/NGO's unique characteristics; support one another in pursuit of this client base; and find opportunities to partner and share resources. This CP uses a webinar platform for their monthly sessions. Please email the leaders for information on how to join these sessions.

Leader(s): Ms. Anurag Som, M.S. and Dr. Denice R Hinden, PhD
Time: 10:00 AM ET
Date: 2nd Monday of each month
Bridge: Email CP leaders for information
Contact:[email protected], [email protected]

Spanish Speaking Coaches Community of Practice

Expand and bring awareness of the coaching profession to Hispanics in North America and Latin America. Share information about different coaching practices, educate one another, learn from different coaching schools and sponsor translation of tools and methodologies, as well as sharing best practices.

Leader(s): Mr. Gerardo Silbert, Coach Trainer

Time: 2:00 PM ET
Date: 3rd Tuesday of each month
Bridge: 1-212-457-9879 PIN 622186
Contact: [email protected]

Team & Work Group Coaching Community of Practice

We increasingly find ourselves in multiple teams. The workplace and also we ourselves expect that teams form, perform and disband at an astonishing rate. This group will focus on the challenges of team, group and organization coaching. Not as groups of individuals being coached, but as groups being part of larger organizations and as living systems on their own.

Leader(s): Karl Van Hoey

Time: 11:00 AM ET
Date: 1st Tuesday of each month
Bridge: 212-457-9879, Pin 700827#
Contact: [email protected]