Advertisements & Sponsorships

Looking to connect with professional coaches?

ICF Maryland offers advertising and sponsorship opportunities to organizations and individuals that wish to reach a vibrant community of professional coaches. Our advertising options include E-newsletter, website and E-blasts as well as sponsorships of both small and large events. Pricing is available for both ICF Maryland members and non-members as follows:


Options Member Non-Member
Bi-monthly $65 $100
Quarterly (2 issues) $125 $190
Semi-annual (3 issues) $175 $270
Annual (6 issues) $330 $500

Website (Square Ad Placed on Homepage)

Options Member Non-Member
Monthly $85 $130
Quarterly $240 $370
Semi-annual $455 $700
Annual $865 $1,325

E-Blasts (Sent to Members Weekly)

Options Member Non-Member
Monthly $100 $150
Quarterly $280 $430
Semi-annual $525 $805
Annual $995 $1,530

Sponsorship of Chapter Educational Events

Options Member Non-Member
Small Local Events $260 $390

Sponsorship includes sponsor's name on all promotional materials, introduction at the event and an opportunity for exhibit space at the event.

Advertising Parameters

E-Newsletter Ad Parameters:
    • High resolution (150 dpi) GIF, JPEG files accepted
    • Ad dimensions – square (336 x 280)
    • Creative file must adhere to any and all trademark and copyright laws
    • Provide a destination URL for all advertisement
Website Parameters:
    • GIF and JPEG files are accepted, upon approval 
    • Ad dimensions – square (336 x 280)
    • Ad must be at least 150 dpi
    • Maximum allowable file size: 70 KB
    • Ad cannot be media rich (no audio or video)
E-Blasts Parameters:
    • Ad must be in GIF or JPEG format
    • Ad dimensions – square (250 x 250)
    • Ad must be at least 150 dpi 

Advertising Specifications and Instructions 

ICF Maryland does not permit the following types of actions for advertisers:

  • Blind downloads (cloaking software in other downloads)
  • Browser manipulation (altering customary setting so user cannot regain control)
  • Keystroke tracking (monitoring a consumer’s keystrokes to obtain passwords, identification)
  • Unclear origin of ads (hiding or obscuring the source of an ad, web page or email) 

ICF Maryland’s Newsletter Advertisements

Advertisements for the ICF Maryland’s bi-monthly newsletter must be received by the 15th of odd months (January, March, May, July, September, and November) for inclusion in the Newsletter sent out at the end of (February, April, June, August, October, and December). Our newsletter is made available to the entire ICF Maryland email list; the newsletter is posted on our website. Ads may be delayed if any required information is missing or if artwork in not properly formatted.  Any elements not meeting specifications will be returned for revisions.

ICF Maryland Website Advertisements

Website advertisements can generally be posted within ten business days after receipt of information and payment. Ads may be delayed if any required information is missing or if the artwork is not properly formatted. The ICF Maryland Communications Committee Director must approve all creative files prior to the start of the ad campaign. Any element(s) not meeting specifications will be returned for revision.


ICF Maryland welcomes sponsorship of all educational programs. Small events would typically serve ICF Maryland members. Recognition of sponsorship includes:

  • Placement of your company name/logo on event announcements, the website meeting event page, and in the Newsletter (s) prior to the event;
  • Introduction at the sponsored meeting/event, and
  • Display at the meeting/event

Opportunities to support large ICF Maryland events which are typically regional in nature are available; please contact us at [email protected].

Advertising and Sponsorship Terms

  • All advertisers must be coaching and/or coaching related business, and that support the coaching profession.
  • Advertising/sponsorship form must be completed via ICF Maryland website.
  • For multiple months, ICF Maryland will repeat the last ad on file if new copy is not received by the identified timeline.
  • Ads may not include unnecessary capitalization (e.g., “FREE”).  Acronyms may be capitalized.
  • Symbols may not be substituted for letters (e.g. $ave instead of Save)
  • All advertising is subject to the ICF Maryland’s approval. ICF Maryland reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement, insertion order, space reservation or position commitment at any time, with or without notice to the advertiser or advertising agency, and whether or not such advertising was previously acknowledged, accepted or published. 

Acceptance of the advertisement by ICF Maryland shall in no way constitute endorsement or recommendation by ICF Maryland for the contents of the advertisement or the product or service advertised.